Deep Wells

For more excerpts like this, visit my new website at An excerpt from Without Rival by Lisa Bevere Chapter 8: Deep Wells & Wishing Well I love it when someone I am about to meet is referred to as a deep well. It means there is so much more to them than what is on […]

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The Wild Horses Within

An excerpt from the book Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald —- Howard Rutledge, a United states Air Force pilot, was shot down over North Vietnam during the early stages of the war.  He spent several miserable years in the hands of his captors before being released at the war’s conclusion. In his book In the Presence […]

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Administration – A Daily Affair

I used to think that administrating my life was a once-off thing, that I could get by a big spring cleaning once every 6 months. But time has revealed to me that administration is a daily affair. 1. Administrating my thought life is to bring every thought I have into consideration and scrutiny. Keep room for day-dreaming […]

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I remember…

1. I remember a man… …who once believed in me when I was a youth. I was only 16. But for the previous 2 years, that man believed in me, that I could do things for God. You must have thought I would run with it and was a super good girl. But if you […]

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At some point in our lives, we will all face crossroads. When we are young, when we are older…crossroads are a frequent occurrence. Imagine this: you are walking through a well organised city where every road and building is carefully divided into square grids. At the end of every street, you’ll face a cross road. You could […]

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Chill Pill, Bro

Happy public holiday for all my working and schooling friends! Haha. Happy labour day. But, I’m apparently not labouring. (yay!) It’s one of those nights that you just want to chill… on the bed, the glow of the orange lamp beside you, some music to chill out to…Tonight, it’s Jay Chou on the speakers. Just […]

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